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odsłon strony od 1 maj 2003


Programy: Cinema 4D R15 dostępna !
Wysłany przez Borys
03-09-2013 | 21:37:45

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Programy: Free Update for CINEMA 4D R12 and BodyPaint 3D R12
Wysłany przez Borys
27-10-2010 | 14:39:18

MAXON releases free 12.028 update for CINEMA 4D R12 and BodyPaint 3D R12.

This update is recommended for all owners of these Releases. A list with detailed information regarding this update can be found here.

This update is free for all CINEMA 4D R12 and BodyPaint 3D R12 owners and can be downloaded and installed directly via the Online Updater or you can download it on the MAXON web site.

Minimum requirements: CINEMA 4D R12.016 or higher must already be installed on your computer.

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Programy: Cinema 4D r12
Wysłany przez borys
01-09-2010 | 15:09:34

MAXON launches their CINEMA 4D R12 with Dynamics, Rendering, Scripting and Character Animation features.

MAXON Computer CINEMA 4D Release 12 builds on more than two decades of 3D graphics development excellence and boasts dozens of new productivity enhancing features including improved rendering, enhanced dynamics, new deformers and superior character animation capabilities to allow digital artists to intuitively and easily create high-end 3D images and animations.

“Today’s release marks a significant milestone in the development of MAXON‘s professional 3D software and is a testament to more than two decades of programming excellence,” remarked Harald Schneider, CEO and co-founder of MAXON Computer. “Our development team made every effort to bring customer requested features that are easy to use, stable and powerful. Creative professionals from all industries will find unparalleled solutions to help them meet the challenges of today’s fast-paced production environments and create award-winning content.”

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Programy: Free Update for CINEMA 4D R11.5 and BodyPaint 3D R4.5
Wysłany przez borys
17-11-2009 | 15:19:37

Na stronie pojawił się darmowy upgrade dla osób posiadających wersję 11.5. Upgrade do wersji 11.528 zawiera w sobie ponad 300 istotnych poprawek.
Pełna lista zmian: pod tym adresem.

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Programy: Cinema 4D wersja 11.5 - nowy release
Wysłany przez Borys
01-09-2009 | 12:41:13

Ukazała się długo oczekiwana wersja 11.5, więcej informacji na stronach maxon'a, poniżej główne zmiany:

Superior Rendering Performance Including New Bucket Rendering
Significant re-tooling of the render engine in R11.5 helps artists render more rapidly and efficiently. R11.5 takes advantage of state-of-the-art multi-core processors and adds new features such as render instancing and bucket rendering to provide users tremendous improvements in efficiency. Render-intensive tasks such as sub-polygon displacement have been accelerated immensely. CINEMA 4D users can now create scenes of greater complexity, as even billions of polygons can be rendered on modest hardware.

Enhanced Picture Viewer
The new Picture Viewer in R11.5 offers a vast set of creative tools for reviewing and editing images and animations, saving artists valuable time. Features include a render history with the ability to compare renderings, image filtering and adjustments, post filter effects, and improved layer management. The RAM player also enables users to play back animations with sound even whilst the rest of the job is still being rendered. This gives users the ability to check animations for problems as they render.

Improved Interoperability and Integration
Users of Release 11.5 can now more easily integrate CINEMA 4D into existing production pipelines:

* Numerous improvements have been made to CINEMA 4D's highly praised connectivity to Adobe® After Effects®, including support for additional object types.
* Support for Apple® Motion now includes the export of 3D data.
* Support for Autodesk® FBX® 2010.0 allows for quick and easy interchange between a variety of 3D applications.

Powerful New Motion Graphics Capabilities
The motion graphics module MoGraph - a staple with CINEMA 4D motion graphics artists due to its quick workflow, fast rendering and easy export to compositing applications - has been upgraded to version 2 and provides powerful new motion graphics functionality. New features in MoGraph 2 include: MoDynamics, an optimized physics simulation package with which hundreds of objects can easily be made to collide or be affected by such forces as gravity or friction; PolyFX for providing quick and easy explosion effects; MoSpline for cloning existing splines and animating them with forces and effectors; and many more exciting features for broadcast artists.

Support For New Operating Systems
MAXON continues to build upon its legacy of providing compatibility with the latest advanced operating system release features:

* Apple - R11.5 is fully compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, including access to up to 64GB of virtual memory.
* Microsoft - R11.5 is fully compatible with Windows 7, including enhanced file dialog.

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